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Painting a Poinsettia

I love Christmas. I find it such a magical time: Christmas lights twinkling in the windows, children laughing and playing outside; coming indoors from the cold into the warmth; and spending time with loved ones, with plentiful food and drink. Therefore, when I paint I want to be inspired by the world around me, even if it is by my own little world.

Nature usually takes a well deserved break during the winter period; yet one vibrant flower is brought out every year: the poinsettia. I find people either love them or hate them. I am one of those people who loves them. The colours of red, gold and green lends itself well to the season.

The poinsettia represents joy and success, so as well as its colours, it conveys the emotions of the period: joy that Christmas brings and the hopes of success in the New Year.

The painting above is my vision of a poinsettia; painted with Unison soft pastel on rough watercolour paper. I wanted to capture the vibrant colours and textured petals the flower attributes. I love how striking the petals are against the green leaves/ background, with a splash of gold, pink and green in the centre.

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